Being a Graphic Designer is not just a job for me and my team,it is also a passion

I am a Graphic Designer in India (Delhi & Gurugram, I am a Director of a Design Company name Leadswala, which offers professional and premium Graphic Designing services along with Eye-Catching Animations

I am open to offers from Corporates, Hotels, and Restaurants that are looking for creative branding via Designs and Animations

My Design Process

Listen and Understand Client’s requirements (meet the client, if possible) A good listener.  I listen to your business demands and technical requirements, about the direction your business is heading and about the success it may or can achieve. Not only do the branding and campaigns I design to ensure my work and clients stand-out, my intention is to provide creative landmarks that stand the test of time, enabling clients to engage and connect with their own customers more effectively than ever before.

Come Back Home and Brainstorm (Think)

I understand that every company has its unique requirement when it comes to graphic design. My responsibility is to project that uniqueness and make the graphics stand out from its competition. Most of my time goes into thinking about your business objectives, defining the problem and finally designing the best possible solution.

Strategy for brand development

Creating a successful brand requires looking at client’s experience from origination to the final touch point and determining how to create consistency and clarity throughout. Once that has been established, understanding the strategic goals for each piece allows us to create visual assets that can be leveraged throughout all marketing materials and build brand recognition

Design & Deliver

In this stage me and my team sit and work for hours and days to finalize design masterpieces for your satisfaction and to get the ROI for you